What Your Favorite Store Says About You!

I read a fashion article the other day that said you can tell a lot about a person by where they shop. Could this be true?  Whether you are a die hard H&M shopper, a Gap fanatic or a Banana Republic regular, where you shop actually says a lot more about you then you might think.  I picked some of the most popular fashion stores around and then determined what each one says about your personality. Obviously there is no scientific  proof behind this observation.  Do you agree?

Do you do most of your shopping at Gap?  Then you are the person who plans weekend getaways for your friends, books the Friday night dinner reservations online, and always has a Tide To Go pen in her handbag. You are a classic, like milk and Oreos — everyone loves you.

Do you do most of your shopping at Banana Republic?  Then you were the first one of your friends to have a pair of work capris and coincidentally, you were also the first one to land a real job. You are the one everyone turns to when they need to find out about 401Ks and flexible spending plans, and you do not mind telling your peers why they should be putting their savings in a low yield bond. When you are not working 9-to-5, you can be found relaxing with your favorite expensive candle.

Do you do most of your shopping at Ann Taylor Loft? Then you read your horoscope like clockwork on the first of the month, you are obsessed with Pinterest and have an inspirational quote framed somewhere in your home or office. You treat brunching like a sport and have five different photo editing apps on your phone.

Do you do most of your shopping at Urban Outfitters?  The you would not be caught dead missing Coachella.  You have a pair of ripped jeans for every day of the week. You follow trends, but you are not above wearing a floral kaftan. You have also never met a graffiti wall you didn’t like.

Do you do most of your shopping at H&M?  Then you are the person who borrows your friends’ clothes and never returns them. You are a free spirit who will travel across the country on a whim and not take a single Instagram or Facebook photo to prove it.

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