Fashion Mistakes Petite Girls Make

Miniature. Tiny. Short. Vertically challenged. These are some of the words to a petite stature.  Finding clothes that work with your petite frame can be a challenge.  Here is a list of fashion mistakes petite girls should try to avoid when putting together an outfit.

1.  Over Sized Sweaters ~ There is nothing better than a cozy, oversized sweater on a cold day. Still, be mindful of your choice.  Unless you want to lose yourself in a sea of threads, pair that chunky knit with some leggings or tailored jeans. And if you are trying to go for something more flattering, opt for sweaters that hug your frame a little better.

2.  Long Tops ~ Long tops or tunics do not always cut at the right length for shorter women. Instead of looking chic, they can sometimes look baggy, giving more sloppy than refined vibes.

3.  Tea Length Dress / Skirts ~ If you want to lengthen your legs, the last thing you should do is cut it off with a tea length skirt or dress.

4.  Turtlenecks ~ Showing off your neck and décolletage is a must for making yourself look longer and leaner.

5.  Boxy Coats / Jackets ~ Boxy is the opposite of what you are – petite. As a result, it can make you look and feel like Paddington Bear.  If you decide to wear a boxy coat, do not be afraid to offset it by showing some skin.

6.  Rounded Toed Shoes ~ You have probably heard this a million times before, but that is because it is so true. Unlike round toed shoes, pointed heels or flats can make your legs look long and lean.

7.  Massive Handbags ~ Find a clutch or a small purse that is more proportional with your body.

8.  Midi Skirts ~ Midi skirts end mid-calf, which can give the illusion of shorter, stumpy looking legs.

9.  Half Calf Boots ~ You know what I am going to say…do not cut your leg line off.  Calf length boots might seem like a good idea, but your legs are better off with ankle booties.

I am not saying that as a short human, you should never wear these ever again. I am merely suggesting that when you do, remember to balance it out with something that flatters your petite frame. If you are going oversized and boxy on top, show a little leg to lengthen your body. It is all about balance!!!

What Your Favorite Store Says About You!

I read a fashion article the other day that said you can tell a lot about a person by where they shop. Could this be true?  Whether you are a die hard H&M shopper, a Gap fanatic or a Banana Republic regular, where you shop actually says a lot more about you then you might think.  I picked some of the most popular fashion stores around and then determined what each one says about your personality. Obviously there is no scientific  proof behind this observation.  Do you agree?

Do you do most of your shopping at Gap?  Then you are the person who plans weekend getaways for your friends, books the Friday night dinner reservations online, and always has a Tide To Go pen in her handbag. You are a classic, like milk and Oreos — everyone loves you.

Do you do most of your shopping at Banana Republic?  Then you were the first one of your friends to have a pair of work capris and coincidentally, you were also the first one to land a real job. You are the one everyone turns to when they need to find out about 401Ks and flexible spending plans, and you do not mind telling your peers why they should be putting their savings in a low yield bond. When you are not working 9-to-5, you can be found relaxing with your favorite expensive candle.

Do you do most of your shopping at Ann Taylor Loft? Then you read your horoscope like clockwork on the first of the month, you are obsessed with Pinterest and have an inspirational quote framed somewhere in your home or office. You treat brunching like a sport and have five different photo editing apps on your phone.

Do you do most of your shopping at Urban Outfitters?  The you would not be caught dead missing Coachella.  You have a pair of ripped jeans for every day of the week. You follow trends, but you are not above wearing a floral kaftan. You have also never met a graffiti wall you didn’t like.

Do you do most of your shopping at H&M?  Then you are the person who borrows your friends’ clothes and never returns them. You are a free spirit who will travel across the country on a whim and not take a single Instagram or Facebook photo to prove it.

Top Ten Color Trends for Spring ~ Summer 2015

Pantone has released the top hues for spring ~ summer 2015.  With colors like Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Classic Blue, and Lucite Green, expect a lot of cool and calming colors come spring. The top color trends have an eclectic mix of understated brights, pale pastels, and nature-like neutrals. According to Pantone, designers are stepping toward a minimalistic theme drawing from daydreams of simpler times as we head into the warmer months.  I love the cooler and softer side of this color spectrum I cannot wait to update my spring wardrobe!

Aquamarine ~ A cool and calming blue with a wet and watery feel. This light and airy shade also acts as a stress reducer.


Scuba Blue ~ An invigorating turquoise that’s reminiscent of a tropical ocean.


Lucite Green ~ A soothing green shade with a minty glow.


Classic Blue ~ A classic shade that works well with just about every shade on this top ten list.


Toasted Almond ~ A sun-tanned hue that offers warmth and comfort.


Strawberry Ice ~ A shade that evokes a feeling of being “in the pink” and gives women a healthy glow.


Tangerine ~ A juicy orange shade that is energizing and adds vitality to a printed pattern.


Custard ~ A soft and cheerful hue that brings thought of relaxation.


Marsala ~ A warm wine color with a brown undertone.


Glacier Gray ~ A lighter, softer gray and nature’s most perfect neutral. It is a great color for combinations.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

Wearing Seersucker

Blue and white stripes are the seersucker of old, but they still rule the roost in modern looks. Yellow, pink, pale orange, gray and soft green all show their stripes in spring and summer seersucker, but of the variations in color, there is only one rule: Seersucker is seasonal and specifically for times that are warm.  Wearing the thin, almost crepe-like cotton and always slightly crinkled stripes of seersucker is simplicity at its finest unless it becomes too complicated. Guys and girls can wear too much of it and it is possible to go from casual cool to, well, wrinkled fool.  Here are some ways to show your stripes in moderation or in saturation, so you can stay comfortable as well as traditional, on-trend or a bit of both.

Seersucker got its start in suit form, with jackets and pants worn together on warm Southern days, and suits are still in fashion depending on the occasion and the way they are worn. There can be too much of a cool thing, but top-to-toe stripes is generally the way to go for guys at the Kentucky Derby, a Mint Julep-themed party or in locales where a seersucker suit is the only suit in the closet. Wearing the thin, crumply matching jacket and pants works in cities and northern towns too, as long as it is balanced with an unpatterned or subtle shirt. The reverse works, as well. A seersucker shirt underneath a classic solid suit is cooler and cool.

Probably the most wearable choice is the seersucker short.  They are widely available in a variety of lengths and colors, and can be dressed up or down from spring to late summer. Pleat-front women’s shorts look cool and fashionable with a crisp white shirt. Pulling in a third color, for example wearing a pink button-down with blue and white seersucker shorts or a pastel yellow T-shirt with gray and white bermudas is an easy look that adds a lot of options for a single pair of shorts.

While suits may offer the most square inches of seersucker fabric, miniskirts probably bear the least. Women in the East Coast boat set have long worn longer versions of the seersucker mini by keeping lengths at about or just above the knee. More recent versions take the classic stripes to micro-mini shortness or to several inches above the knee while keeping the patterns and fabric of days gone by.

Pairing seersucker with funkier blouses, ironic T-shirts, fitted solid blazers and even cotton tanks is trendy with a touch of class…a combination that rarely fails. Wearing flats in a solid color or even in a clashing pattern, for instance with flowers, animal print or polka dots, keeps a seersucker miniskirt looking cute, while high heels notch up the sexiness.

Although women can sport the look, too, there is something almost iconic about seeing a man in a seersucker blazer with pants or shorts. Where a seersucker suit can sometimes get it wrong by being over-the-top, a jacket most often adds just the right touch of both warm weather casualness and up-one-notch style than going without.  Flat-front chinos in shades of tan and khaki or white are staples for the seersucker blazer, but well-tailored black pants or even jeans — in black, blue or even white — look great with a loose but not oversized blazer of any color combination. And some added benefits of dressing up in dress-down seersucker are being able to worry less about ironing, sweating and dry cleaning; within reason, of course.
Inspirations from Pinterest.

Super Simple Ways to Master Color Mixing

Color mixing is not the sort of thing that anyone is born knowing how to do, but that is a good thing. It is not a talent. It is a skill. And like any other skill, it can be learned. Here are six strategies to make it easier.
1. Keep it in the family. It is pretty straightforward: pastels with pastels, earth tones with earth tones, jewel tones with jewel tones, and so on.
2. Use a color wheel to find complimentary colors. When you are talking about colors, “complimentary” actually means “opposite.” Black and white, for instance, are complimentary colors. That is why they look so great together. You know, “opposites attract.” Yeah, like that whole thing. Every color has a complimentary color. It is just whatever is on the opposite side of the color wheel. True complimentary colors are the same distance from the center of the wheel, but it can be very striking to combine a color from the center, like a pale yellow green, with its complimentary color from the outside edge, like a deep mauve.
3. Give it the ombré test. Different shades of the same color or similar colors almost always look good together. If you need some help, do a Google image search for “ombré [insert color here]” and see what pops up.
4. Try the “J.Crew Hack.” J.Crew shoots all their clothes fully styled on a model, and they have a really great way with color. Take the piece of clothing you are looking to build into an outfit, then go on or open one of their catalogs and find something, anything, the same color. Then just make a note of the colors they are combining and copy it with clothes from your own wardrobe. I call it a “J.Crew Hack,” but really it works with any brand or site that shoots their clothes on-model: Nasty Gal, Net-A-Porter, Zara. It’s just a matter of finding a brand you like and copying the combos they use.
5. Let a print be your guide. Find a print from a designer you love (or even something in your own wardrobe) and break it down into its different colors; then make an outfit. If you want to take it to the next level, rank the colors in the print from most used to least used and wear larger items like dresses, coats, or sweaters in the most-used colors and smaller items and accessories in the least-used colors.
6. When in doubt, black and white. Neutrals in general (navy, khaki, gray, denim, gold, silver, etc.) are great for color mixing, but black and white, especially together, are definitely the superstars of the family. You literally cannot go wrong.