Dressing for Work

Looking good at the office is priority one for many of us, and yet office dressing can look like the Wild West of fashion sometimes. What can people get away with wearing? How casual is too casual? Where are the official rules for office attire?! Well, here are my some thoughts and suggestions on dressing at work. First of all, cultivate a style for yourself. I am so tired of seeing women who put no effort into their outfit because they are “going to work”….as if work does not require a deliberate style or image. No matter where you work, the way you dress makes a difference in the way you are perceived. Make no effort in your outfit and you risk the consequences of being perceived as lazy and unmotivated. Secondly, you should dress based on your career, not on the current trends. The rules for office dressing do not necessarily change from year to year. They change from occupation to occupation. More conservative lines of work, like finance or law, really do demand a stricter dress code. Whereas a graphic design or architecture firm may allow, or even encourage, a creative style in the work place. Another suggestion is wear pieces that fit your figure and colors that flatter you. These pieces make you FEEL happier. Always have these pieces tailored. And lastly, never show too much skin. Low cut tops, crop tops and mini-skirts are not appropriate…unless you work in a strip club. We spend most of our day at work, why not use that time to show your style!!

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