Leaving the House….Then Get Dressed.

I have reiterated this over and over, but apparently not everyone is reading my blog. If you are leaving the house, even for a short errand, you need to get dressed. Yoga pants are not acceptable, unless you are going to be doing yoga. Putting on jeans and a shirt takes the same effort as putting on a pair of yoga pants and a tshirt. What is the message wearing yoga pants or sweat pants in public saying about you? It says you are too lazy to get dressed. Further, it says you do not care what you look like. The way you dress is a reflection of your attitude, but it is also a reflection of how others see you. You could be the smartest, most hard working person in the world, but if you venture out in public in a pair of sweat pants, people are going to think the opposite. Personal appearance reflects an attitude, and your message should be a positive one, especially if you bump into someone important to you. We meet people every day, and some of them are potential friends, bosses, influential figures, and even soul mates. If you are wearing sweats or pajamas pants, I doubt that any of them will give you a second glance. Ladies, your appearance in public should be important to you. Being clean and well groomed should be second nature, and putting on a fresh and presentable outfit before you exit the house should go without saying. I understand that you may not want to dress up or just need to run out to the store, but it only takes a minute to look presentable. And that small effort could make a huge difference.

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