Your Wardrobe: The Movie

No, this is not a movie plot, but a good way of working out what you should wear. With every good movie there is always a hero, there is always a villain, and to make the story cohesive and understandable, some there are supporting acts. So what does this have to do with your wardrobe? Let us look at each category.

A hero is a garment or accessory that has enough interest or detail to draw attention to it and make the whole outfit look more exciting. It might be an unusually constructed skirt or jacket, it could be a white shirt that has a ruffle down the front, it might even be a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals, or a big statement necklace. It makes the outfit less plain and creates a focal point for us to look at. It might also be a talking point, or become a signature of your appearance. Without these statement necklaces, your outfit might be deemed boring, but with the hero necklace, it creates action and excitement.

Villains are those pieces in your wardrobe that do not fit, do not flatter, or are just plain worn out, stretched, baggy or pilled. The villains are dragging your overall appearance down. They are not flattering and they will not give you confidence or a boost in self esteem. Nobody wants real villains living in their wardrobe, let alone following them round all day, so remove them from your life and cupboards so there is no temptation to wear them.

Supporting Acts
The actors make the meat of the movie possible, they are the clothes that hold together the outfit, your hero will not shine if everything you wear is a hero – too many heroes spoiled the plot. Keep your heroes to one per outfit, otherwise people will not know where to look, and you will probably appear too busy, with too much going on. They are the pieces like the little camis that stop that wrap top appearing too low so you do not kill them with your cleavage, the bootcut jean in a dark denim that works with so many tops, and the plain scoop neck t-shirt that sets off your patterned skirt. You might not get excited about them but they make your wardrobe work, and without them you would have difficulty getting dressed.

When friends come to me and say they are stuck in a rut, are looking boring, or loss their style, it is because they are only wearing supporting acts and villains. They have forgotten about their hero jewelry, and have not bought anything other than a very practical shoe for some time. When you bring the hero back into your wardrobe, you can see the value in taking the thirty seconds in the morning to choose some jewelry to make your outfit pop. So, what movie would we be filming with your wardrobe?

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