Mix & Match Business Casual

Is your office attire business casual? Business casual typically means you do not have to wear business wear, such as suits. Do you want to update your wardrobe, but not spend a small fortune? Check out these fifteen mix and match business casual outfits. These pieces are all from Target, so you can buy it all and not empty your checking account. If you do not shop at Target, you can still use these outfits for inspiration for items from other stores. Finding pieces that mix and match help make your clothing budget go so much farther. These are great ideas for travel as well. The prices will vary over time, but as of right now you could buy all these pieces for under $280. Talk about making your clothing budget go further!! Many of you will have similar pieces already in your closet, so you can spend even less.

Dressing for Work

Looking good at the office is priority one for many of us, and yet office dressing can look like the Wild West of fashion sometimes. What can people get away with wearing? How casual is too casual? Where are the official rules for office attire?! Well, here are my some thoughts and suggestions on dressing at work. First of all, cultivate a style for yourself. I am so tired of seeing women who put no effort into their outfit because they are “going to work”….as if work does not require a deliberate style or image. No matter where you work, the way you dress makes a difference in the way you are perceived. Make no effort in your outfit and you risk the consequences of being perceived as lazy and unmotivated. Secondly, you should dress based on your career, not on the current trends. The rules for office dressing do not necessarily change from year to year. They change from occupation to occupation. More conservative lines of work, like finance or law, really do demand a stricter dress code. Whereas a graphic design or architecture firm may allow, or even encourage, a creative style in the work place. Another suggestion is wear pieces that fit your figure and colors that flatter you. These pieces make you FEEL happier. Always have these pieces tailored. And lastly, never show too much skin. Low cut tops, crop tops and mini-skirts are not appropriate…unless you work in a strip club. We spend most of our day at work, why not use that time to show your style!!

Leaving the House….Then Get Dressed.

I have reiterated this over and over, but apparently not everyone is reading my blog. If you are leaving the house, even for a short errand, you need to get dressed. Yoga pants are not acceptable, unless you are going to be doing yoga. Putting on jeans and a shirt takes the same effort as putting on a pair of yoga pants and a tshirt. What is the message wearing yoga pants or sweat pants in public saying about you? It says you are too lazy to get dressed. Further, it says you do not care what you look like. The way you dress is a reflection of your attitude, but it is also a reflection of how others see you. You could be the smartest, most hard working person in the world, but if you venture out in public in a pair of sweat pants, people are going to think the opposite. Personal appearance reflects an attitude, and your message should be a positive one, especially if you bump into someone important to you. We meet people every day, and some of them are potential friends, bosses, influential figures, and even soul mates. If you are wearing sweats or pajamas pants, I doubt that any of them will give you a second glance. Ladies, your appearance in public should be important to you. Being clean and well groomed should be second nature, and putting on a fresh and presentable outfit before you exit the house should go without saying. I understand that you may not want to dress up or just need to run out to the store, but it only takes a minute to look presentable. And that small effort could make a huge difference.

How to Look Chic…AND Stay Warm

We have all been there…that moment when temperatures plummet and we are left questioning whether to brave the cold in the name of our favorite frocks, or to lose ourselves in mounds of layers leaving us looking suspiciously like everyone’s favorite snowman. But fear not, fellow trendsetters. Bundling up is a no brainer, but sacrificing style should NOT be. Here is a week’s worth of ideas.

Monday ~ You can turn up your cool factor and add a little bit of edge to your Monday with a sleek leather jacket. Whether paired with a black sweater dress or your favorite boyfriend jeans, it is the staple piece that adds some serious spice to any winter wardrobe.
Tuesday ~ Winter white (which I just blogged about last week) has never looked so chic. Layer a classic button down shirt with a tailored white blazer and black jeans for that perfectly polished, crisp look that extends far past Labor Day.
Wednesday ~ They say the secret is in the details, so tackle your hump day with unexpected, playful features such as a structured sweat top and neoprene skirt that everyone will be sure to notice.
Thursday ~ Give your layers some love by adding a pop of pink under a structured, neoprene jacket for that ultimate sophisticated downtown look.
Friday ~ Break away from your standard black and white color blocking routine by incorporating a graphic print wrap dress that is sure to turn heads and launch you into the weekend in style.
Inspiration from InStyle.

Happy Anniversary…..to me!!

Today marks a very special day in my life!! It is the very first anniversary of Get Fab with Gretchen. I can hardly believe that it has been one year already since I took my first baby steps into the blogging world. I am very happy with my decision to start this creative outlet that allows me connect to you and share my thoughts on fashion. I do not think I could have imagined what impact this blog would have on my life. It has been a fabulous first year. Without your support, this would have never been possible, so THANK YOU to all of my readers and followers.

Your Wardrobe: The Movie

No, this is not a movie plot, but a good way of working out what you should wear. With every good movie there is always a hero, there is always a villain, and to make the story cohesive and understandable, some there are supporting acts. So what does this have to do with your wardrobe? Let us look at each category.

A hero is a garment or accessory that has enough interest or detail to draw attention to it and make the whole outfit look more exciting. It might be an unusually constructed skirt or jacket, it could be a white shirt that has a ruffle down the front, it might even be a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals, or a big statement necklace. It makes the outfit less plain and creates a focal point for us to look at. It might also be a talking point, or become a signature of your appearance. Without these statement necklaces, your outfit might be deemed boring, but with the hero necklace, it creates action and excitement.

Villains are those pieces in your wardrobe that do not fit, do not flatter, or are just plain worn out, stretched, baggy or pilled. The villains are dragging your overall appearance down. They are not flattering and they will not give you confidence or a boost in self esteem. Nobody wants real villains living in their wardrobe, let alone following them round all day, so remove them from your life and cupboards so there is no temptation to wear them.

Supporting Acts
The actors make the meat of the movie possible, they are the clothes that hold together the outfit, your hero will not shine if everything you wear is a hero – too many heroes spoiled the plot. Keep your heroes to one per outfit, otherwise people will not know where to look, and you will probably appear too busy, with too much going on. They are the pieces like the little camis that stop that wrap top appearing too low so you do not kill them with your cleavage, the bootcut jean in a dark denim that works with so many tops, and the plain scoop neck t-shirt that sets off your patterned skirt. You might not get excited about them but they make your wardrobe work, and without them you would have difficulty getting dressed.

When friends come to me and say they are stuck in a rut, are looking boring, or loss their style, it is because they are only wearing supporting acts and villains. They have forgotten about their hero jewelry, and have not bought anything other than a very practical shoe for some time. When you bring the hero back into your wardrobe, you can see the value in taking the thirty seconds in the morning to choose some jewelry to make your outfit pop. So, what movie would we be filming with your wardrobe?

Winter White

While everyone else resorts to black this winter, why not go polar opposite and wear white? For some, white is an intimidating color. For some the mere thought of wearing it is reason enough to slip into an all black uniform. But, this is the season of second chances. Plus, I cannot think of a color more refreshing than white to brighten up the darkest days of the year. So whether you are planning a casual stroll downtown, a weekend brunch, or a fancy holiday get together, think white. If you think it is all a bit too monochromatic, there are many shades of white to embrace, like dove, natural, and ecru. And, if you cannot commit to the entire look just yet, then pick a few colorful accessories to help you ease into it with confidence.
Inspiration from Pinterest.