Too Old For Leggings?

Recently I was having a conversation with someone who asked if leggings were still “in” and if they were too old to wear them. My reply was that they are still around and are generally more flattering than a lot of the bright colored tights that are currently out in the marketplace, as leggings tend to be black, so they draw less attention to your legs than a hot pink pair of tights. Further, they are a great option when the weather is a bit cooler in the morning, and you may want to wear a skirt or dress with a ballet flat, peep toe or even sling backs, as they give you the option to take them off easily if the weather gets too warm during the day. They can add some extra coverage to a skirt or dress that is a little on the short side, or just warmth to your legs if you need it. They also create a longer flattering line from the end of your skirt hem lower down your leg that can visually elongate your legs. BUT remember, leggings are NOT a substitute for pants or a skirt. They are hosiery. Do not wear them with just a tshirt or top – you look like you forgot to finish getting dressed.

One thought on “Too Old For Leggings?

  1. You could never be too old for leggings! 🙂 Great advice… they are still a Hosiery product, & not pants… although I have seen some crazy fun prints on leggings that I’ve never seen on tights or pantyhose.

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