Wanna be the Cool Girl at the Party?

The coolest girl at the party knows the secret….perfectly done is overdone. You see this girl at every gathering, the one whose hair is a little tousled, whose shoes do not seem to hurt her feet. She is not tugging at her skirt or sneaking peeks in shiny surfaces to see if her Spanx are showing. The secret ingredient is ease, in the way she moves and in the way she wears her clothes. And even if she is going out on a limb, taking a stylish risk — it is a little one. Cool girls often play up contrasting elements. So, if you are wearing a feminine dress, add a tailored jacket. If you are wearing a bohemian blouse, add a structured pencil skirt. If you are wearing a mini-dress, wear it with a maxi coat. If your look is too polished, then shake out your hair. Another way to pull of this look is pockets. Pockets are awesome — in pants, a full skirt or a relaxed dress. You look more comfortable when your hands have a home. Avoid anything skin tight. It is impossible to project confidence when you cannot sit down or breathe. You need to breathe – physically and metaphorically. But the best advice of all: do NOT try to be perfect. Confidence comes from embracing our imperfections. When you look too perfect, it is kind of scary because it means you spent way too much time getting ready. Imperfection makes us more human and more intriguing.

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