Do You Define Your Worth by Numbers?

What size are you? I know, that is a loaded question. I can tell you that I am not one size. It is not how I define myself and defining your self worth on a size is a VERY negative thing to do for your psychological health. I wear clothing that has size labels inside like everyone else, but I can tell you they vary significantly. I bought a skirt just the other day that was way too big, but I knew I could have it altered to fit ME. I have a jacket that is THREE sizes smaller than the dress I have on today. Our bodies are all so unique, and it is impossible for mass market clothing manufacturers to make garments that fit all of us. If you have an expectation that when you walk into a store that everything will fit your amazing body perfectly, well that is just plain crazy. Women have such varied bodies that there is no way this will ever happen. Different stores will have their own pattern blocks which are based on a set of arbitrary measurements, which are then grads up and down for different sizes, and we all know that when we put on or lose weight it does not come off in a totally even manner. Think of a size label as a VERY vague guide to a kind of approximation of how large or small a garment is. It has no value, particularly nothing to do with what kind of person you are. Whatever you do, do NOT put your life, or finding and creating your personal style, on hold until you are a certain size! Please, I beg you to believe, that you can be stylish no matter what that label says. Remember if you do not like the number on the label, cut it out. I do this all the time!! You are beautiful and can be stylish no matter your size, shape or age.

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