New York City

I just returned from four crazy days in New York City. I was there to sight see and play tourist, since it was my first visit. I could have people watched for hours and hours. What an exciting city. I noticed that living in New York without good ankle boots is like living in Hawaii without solid sandals. Pretty much every woman I saw had on a pair. Sporty anoraks and army jackets are especially popular as well. Perhaps it is the whole “urban warrior” notion, or maybe it is the fact that they walk everywhere, so you really, really need things like this for bad weather days. It was chilly while I was there, so most people were bundled up. I learned it is all about layering there. They have to dress for the swing of temperatures that comes with leaving their apartment at 7am when it is bristling, then walking five blocks to get lunch at 1pm when it is no jacket needed weather. Layering makes deconstructing and building outfits back up so much easier, and thick scarves are the cheat sheet to that. Some girls carry multiple purses or use an extra canvas tote to stash the gym clothes or lunch they are bringing to work. Most girls I saw had it all in one big bag. Together these items make up the stereotypical New York wardrobe. I would return in a hot minute!!

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