Color ~ Texture ~ Shine

Do you remember the TLC hit show What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly? It was my all time favorite show, and I never missed an episode. In fact, my DVR still holds several episodes that I treasure. One of my favorite pieces of advice from the show was the color-texture-shine rule. It is what turns an only alright outfit into a complete put together look. Want to give it a try? All you have to do is accessorize your favorite outfit choosing accessories of different colors, interesting textures or glam shine.

Color ~ Try a cashmere Infinity style to liven up a plain black and white shirt, or how about a pair of hot pink pumps to bring a neutral colored outfit to life.
Texture ~ Fall and Winter clothing is especially texture rich, so now is the time to wear those outfits. A pair of textured tights can add that extra spark to an outfit. A leather jacket gives you a little edge without looking too much like a biker when wore over a striped dress.
Shine ~ Shiny clothing is not the only way to add sparkle to your outfits. Think arm candy like big metallic cuffs and cocktail rings. Metallic and patent belts and footwear, or a sparkly clutch are other effective ways to add shine to your look.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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