Petite ~ Tips on Wearing Jewelry

Here are some easy ways to wear larger jewelry if you are petite or have fine features, but still make more of a statement with it.

1. Wear pieces that are made from multiple smaller pieces.
2. Layer many small beads to create one larger scale piece.
3. Make it see through. If you can see skin through it, it will not feel so heavy or large and dramatic.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

Black Friday

We are fully entrenched in fall and Black Friday is just a couple of days away. Will you be shopping? I am all about a sale. To be a successful shopper, the key word is PREPARATION. So, spend some time checking out items that you might want to snap up and give yourself time to really think about whether you truly want or need it. Big discounts can bring on sale’itis, which is a condition where you are absolutely certain that you must have something solely because on the fact it is fantastic steal.

Aldo: Shoes, bags, and accessories already on sale will be reduced by an extra 50%.
American Eagle: Code GOBBLEUP will give you 40% off and free shipping.
Anthropologie: Every shopper will receive a popper including gifts and discounts that could go up to a $500 gift card.
Ariel Gordon: Spent some time eyeing a new delicate necklace to add to the collection? Pick it up now, since you’ll get 35% off any order over $150 with code CHEER2014.
Avenue 32: Shop select items for 30% off.
Bloomingdale’s: Receive $25 off every $200 you spend online (some exclusions apply).
Calypso St. Barth: Sale items will be reduced by an extra 50% and full-price items by 30%.
Cambridge Satchel Company: Select styles will be available for 40% off.
Converse: Shop the brand’s gift guide at 25% off, plus free shipping. Get 30% off some of your favorite lingerie brands via code THANKS30.
Dormify: You’ll get 30% off everything with code SECRETSANTA.
EF Collection: Everything’s 20% off with code CYBER20EFC.
H&M: Discounts will start at just $5 for knits, and you will get free shipping if you spend over $50 with code 2695.
Hudson: Grab a new pair of jeans for up to 60% off.
Intermix: Sale items will be reduced by an extra 30% in stores and online.
Jenni Kayne: Take 20% off everything online or in stores.
Joie: Take 25% off full-price and sale merchandise.
Kate Spade New York: The brand’s doing one of its legendary surprise sales with some items marked down by 75%.
Old Navy: Yeah, someone will win a million bucks, but everyone gets 50% off everything in the entire store.
PacSun: It’s 2-for-1 denim plus buy one, get one half off.
Rebecca Minkoff: The designer’s sale section was fattened up just in time for the big shopping day. You’ll get 25% off orders over $275, too.
Rebecca Taylor: Take 30% off sale items online (and off dresses when shopping in store) with code BF30.
Rent the Runway: Plan ahead for upcoming parties and score 20% off any rental over $75.
Shopbop: The more you spend, the more you save, with 15% off $250, 20% off $500, and 25% off $1,000, all with code GOBIG14.
Skagen: Been craving a new watch? The brand’s letting you buy two of its classic Jorn style for $150 and giving you free shipping on Friday only.
Stella & Bow: Do some browsing: certain styles will be on sale by up to 70% off.
Three Dots: Take 20% off full-price items and get free shipping.
Trina Turk: Shop happy with 20% off full-price items.
True & Co.: Stock up on new sexy lingerie with an extra 50% off sale.

Tips ~ What Dates and What Becomes Timeless

If you want to find pieces that will be more timeless and have longevity in your wardrobe, here are my tips to making your wardrobe timeless. The first is to purchase great quality fabrics such as fine wool, cashmere, silk and suede. Second, look for well constructed garments that are simple in their lines. Next, look for colors that are more subdued or neutral in color. Anything too bright will date more quickly. Always remember nothing extreme in the cut, such as large shoulder pads or exaggerated shapes. Lastly, garments that show off the body in a flattering manner without being extreme, not too boxy or baggy, but not too tight are the best. Here are some examples.
Inspiration from imogenl

Do You Define Your Worth by Numbers?

What size are you? I know, that is a loaded question. I can tell you that I am not one size. It is not how I define myself and defining your self worth on a size is a VERY negative thing to do for your psychological health. I wear clothing that has size labels inside like everyone else, but I can tell you they vary significantly. I bought a skirt just the other day that was way too big, but I knew I could have it altered to fit ME. I have a jacket that is THREE sizes smaller than the dress I have on today. Our bodies are all so unique, and it is impossible for mass market clothing manufacturers to make garments that fit all of us. If you have an expectation that when you walk into a store that everything will fit your amazing body perfectly, well that is just plain crazy. Women have such varied bodies that there is no way this will ever happen. Different stores will have their own pattern blocks which are based on a set of arbitrary measurements, which are then grads up and down for different sizes, and we all know that when we put on or lose weight it does not come off in a totally even manner. Think of a size label as a VERY vague guide to a kind of approximation of how large or small a garment is. It has no value, particularly nothing to do with what kind of person you are. Whatever you do, do NOT put your life, or finding and creating your personal style, on hold until you are a certain size! Please, I beg you to believe, that you can be stylish no matter what that label says. Remember if you do not like the number on the label, cut it out. I do this all the time!! You are beautiful and can be stylish no matter your size, shape or age.

Dressing for the Holidays, Part 3

Are you still wondering what to wear for Thanksgiving? If you visited my blog the past two days, you know I have shared with you casual outfit ideas and dressy casual outfit ideas for Thanksgiving day. Today I am going to cover a dressy Thanksgiving outfit. Most people are with their families and they do not dress up, but just in case, here are my thoughts on dressy outfit ideas for Thanksgiving day. If your Thanksgiving day invite calls for dressy attire, do not hold back on what you wear. Of course it still needs to be appropriate, but you need to look fabulous. My recommendation would be a dress. It is still comfortable, yet stylish. Here are examples.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

Dressing for the Holidays, Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you a casual outfit idea for Thanksgiving. Today we are going to cover casual dressy outfits. When the dress code says casual dressy what do you reach for? Skirt, dresses, trousers? Or do you wonder what the heck do I wear? When the dress code calls for dressy casual it usually means no jeans, shorts or tshirts. Instead of jeans, you should wear trousers and instead of a tshirt opt for a nice blouse. Try to create a Thanksgiving outfit look for trousers that have a fun aspect to it. Instead of just going with brown or black look for forest green, burgundy or even a beautiful jacquard fabric. What are your outfit plans for the holidays? Are you having dinner at your parents? Wherever your Thanksgiving plans bring you make sure have a stylish outfit for the evening filled with festivities and family!
Inspirations from Pinterest.

Dressing for the Holidays

Are you ready for the holiday season? Well ’tis the season with all the family get-togethers and parties. If you were wondering what to wear for the holidays then you are in luck! In the upcoming days I am going to share Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfit ideas. From casual, dressy casual and dressy for each holiday. Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means yummy food, family gatherings and saying thanks for all the things we are grateful for in our lives. In addition to all those wonderful things we have to think about our Thanksgiving outfit. Depending on your plans for the holiday you will have to consider what dress is appropriate for the gathering. Casual, dressy casual or dressy. These three “dress codes” cover the variety of occasions that might occur. Over the next three days I am going to share with you three different outfits keeping these three dress styles in mind. Today I share with you a casual Thanksgiving outfit. You have a lot of options when it comes to casual dress, just do not be too casual. An easy and casual Thanksgiving outfit formula is dark wash jeans, boots, fall colored sweater, which you can accessorize to your taste. As for the sweater, I would go for something light. Most likely you will be indoors, and it will be warm. Here are some examples:
Inspirations from Pinterest.