What To Wear To Work ~ Pretty Dresses Monday to Friday

Every woman can look pretty yet professional at the workplace with the right selection of apparels. Work appropriate skater or flare dresses are one of the best choices as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also suitable for almost any body shape. Just make sure the length of the dress is not too short and the fitting is right and you are good to go. Here is a guide to some great picks for a whole week at work.

Monday Blues? Look great in a pretty blue floral dress and chase away any negativity.
Trick Tuesday? What should I wear today? When you cannot make up your mind, a classic monochrome number may be your best answer.
Mono landscape
White Wednesday? In the mood for some accessorizing? A mono-color dress is perfect for this purpose. I love how the bright statement necklace and golden cardigan compliment the crisp white eyelet dress so well.
Thirsty Thursday? Looking for unique floral prints? The orchid is such a gorgeous flower yet it is seldom used as a print on dresses. I found this one, it is simply adorable.
Joaquim Portrait\
TGIF! It is end of the work week as well as date night…Choose a sassy leopard print dress. You can add a black jacket to tone down the look during work hours, and then loose the jacket for date night.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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