Dressing Slimmer

The next best thing to working out and eating right is finding figure flattering clothes that make you appear slimmer without any effort. I have found some foolproof styles that work every time for any body type and occasion. The first is the cardigan. Cardigans slenderize with fine textured knits and skim trouble spots, but still show your shape. You can highlight the thinnest part of your torso with a single strategically placed button, or choose a V-neck with ribbing where you want attention. Trousers with a stretchy, supportive fabric glide over jiggly areas with foolproof fit will flatter every figure. You can appear slimmer in seconds with these stealth slenderizers. High-waisted skirts are another diversionary dynamo. They seem to raise the waist, make you look leggier, and hit at the narrowest part of the rib cage to emphasize curves. Topping off your look with a fitted blazer is my favorite slimming tip. A well fitting blazer can not only magically make you look super put together, but it it can also have a slimming effect. Look for a blazer that comes in slightly at the waist and hits just below the hip. The right fit is the most important, so do not be afraid to take yours to a tailor to get it sized just right all over. Perfect with trousers, skirts, and even jeans. Wearing a lighter colored blouse or T-shirt underneath can also make you waist look smaller — it’s magic!

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