Style Rules ~ Break Them or Not?

Are some style “rules” made to be broken…yes! Styles change, rules change, trends change…change is good. So here are some styles “rules” below, to break or not to break?

Rule 1. Blue and green should never worn together. Well I break this one all the time. Cool greens with cool blues, warm greens with warm blues look gorgeous and are a common color scheme found in nature. This is a definite must break.
Rule 2. Red heads should never wear red or pink – everyone can wear a shade of pink or red, most redheads look better in warmer reds and pinks, so go ahead and wear these colors.
Rule 3. Never wear white or black to a wedding – this is one I would break, but first I would check with the bride to find out what is acceptable at her wedding. I have been to weddings where the bride wore green and she was more than happy for others to wear white or black. If the bride is wearing white, then never wear white. Some brides are happy for guests to wear black, especially for an evening wedding.
Rule 4. While we are on the subject of white – never wear white after Labor Day. I’m actually not a fan of white shoes any time of the year. Nude or camel shoes are so much more stylish. As far as white clothes go, winter white is so gorgeous – why limit what you want to wear with strange outdated rules?
Rule 5. Never wear hosiery with open toed shoes. This is a rule you should stick to. You can get tights that stop at the ball of your foot to allow for open toed shoes.
Rule 6. No bright colors at funerals. I would suggest you stick with darker, more somber colors, unless of course that bright colors were requested by the departed.
Rule 7. Always match shoes and handbags. This is a must break rule! They can be the same color, but should not look like they came as a set. But why not team your red shoes with a black handbag, or your brown shoes with your burgundy handbag? There are just so many options, why be limited?
Rule 8. Do not mix gold and silver jewelry. When mixing metals, do not go 50/50, look at an 80/20 mix instead. There are many beautiful pieces that mix gold and silver in the one piece, use one of these to then mix other single color metals into your outfit.
Rule 9. If a garment has belt loops, and you can see them, wear a belt. I agree with this one. I often remove belt loops off clothing that I do not want to wear a belt with, and for garments like jeans, I wear my tops over the top so you do not see the loops. But if you can see them, wear a belt.

Some rules you can forget and do what you like, such as do not wear long dangly earrings with glasses – who made this one up? Or you cannot mix prints – oh yes you can – and you should! My favorite style rules to break is the where that says plus size women should wear long tops and baggy clothing. Form fitting clothes are more flattering and slimming. Often those long baggy tops are actually highlighting rather than hiding.

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