Rockin’ Leather Pants

There is no doubt about it, leather pants are in stores and on celebs this season, making them a must try look. Leather pants give off that edgy vibe and when paired with the right top, can make you stand out. Think leather pants are not for you? Think again. I know the word leather can send a lot of ladies running, filled with thoughts of grungy 80s hair bands. Leather can sometimes make us feel like we have to be super thin to sport the look. And for many animal friendly fashionistas, leather is just a no-no. Ladies, I hear ya. But leather pants can be worn successfully with a few tips in mind.

1. Go faux: Real leather is well, real leather. That means it is pricy, which may not be in your budget. Faux leather pants look like the real deal, are more affordable and are a great option for my animal-lovin’ friends.
2. Wear color: Leather pants need not be “I’m in a rock band” black to look cool. Ditch the dark and make your style pop with a dose of color. Black is so expected….so change it up.
3. Resist the leather has to be tight idea: Tight leather pants may have been the thing for 80′s hair bands, but in the real world, most ladies are not about to step out like they are in a Whitesnake video. Too tight leather pants, or anything for that matter, is uncomfortable and looks stupid. Find a pair that fits right for your body and you will be one stylin’ fashionista.
4. Break things up: Just because you found the perfect pair of leather pants does not mean you have to show your excitement with matching leather tops and leather accessories. You are heading out for a night out, not attending a biker rally. Instead of getting into head to toe leather mode, temper your shiny legs with a loose cotton sweater or go for a lacy feminine top for contrast.
5. Ease into it: If the idea of leather pants intrigues you, but full leather from hip to ankle is too much, break into it slowly. Try wearing pants with leather on the front leg only or head out in ones with a side stripe of leather.

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