Mixing High End & Low End

One of the main reasons I started this fashion blog was to combat the belief that in order to be fashionable and stylish, you had to spend a lot of money.  Not true.  Mixing high end fashion and low end fashion takes some practice, but you can look super polished on a budget.  You can find name brands for less at stores like DSW, Marshalls, TJMaxx and thrift stores, that are higher quality than inexpensive brands at Target or Payless, but often cost the same.  Also, get acquainted with the quality of fabrics, prints, trim, finishings, cut, and the silhouette of designer clothing and shoes. This helps you find a low that is a reasonable facsimile of a high. Things like buttons can make or break an item and immediately give it away as low end, as well as an improper fit. If you pick the right kind of low end item, it can look even better with high end accessories. Splurge on one great bag and one great pair of shoes every season. The bag does not have to be black or brown. It could be red, blue or green but goes with everything. The shoes should be comfortable, classic but current, should flatter your foot and leg and be a heel height you can tolerate.  Another tip is to be aware of knockoffs. Knockoffs are usually tacky and give themselves away as low end. Be aware of what is a knockoff, because there is so much of it out there. Remember items that are higher quality can be worn for years.  Ultimately they cost less, because you do not have to pay to replace them over and over again.  And last but not least is fit. You can pull of a inexpensive dress if the fit is phenomenal (tailoring might be a good idea in this case). You can also make an expensive dress look cheap if the fit is not right. So pay close attention to fit, and you will be on your way to looking fabulous on a budget in no time.

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