The Importance of a Full Length Mirror

Do you know what consistently surprises me? So many of my stylish, enthusiastic, creative friends lack one of the most important tools in a stylish woman’s arsenal: A full length mirror.  Most of them have mirrors in their bathrooms or atop their dressers that show everything from the hips upward. But if you want to see how your footwear impacts your outfit, if you want to see how skirt length works on your leg line, if you want to make sure your tights really work with your scarf, if you want to know how all of the pieces you are wearing interact, you NEED  a full length mirror. Basically, if you want to get the entire picture of your personal style, you have to see everything at once. Viewing your top and bottom halves separately will sometimes suffice, but you will be amazed by how different it feels to see your whole self, top to bottom.  There are cheap options, and options that work in tiny spaces, I promise. And tracking down a full length mirror that fits into your dressing area is well worth the time and money. It is an investment in understanding your style.

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