Dress Down Your Favorite Blazer

Who said that blazers are strictly reserved for business casual? There are plenty of different ways to dress down a blazer. Traditionally, blazers can look very smart and sophisticated. They can easily dress up an outfit. However, what if you want more options out of your blazer – mainly ones that are more casual and dressed down?

One of the easiest ways to dress down a blazer is to team it with something denim. Dark denim jeans are great for working a smart casual look. If you want to dress down your blazer even further then go for faded or distressed denim.
Dress down your blazer in a matter of seconds just by rolling up the sleeves. It is an easy way to add a casual air to your outfit. If you are going to roll or scrunch up your sleeves, it is probably best to do it on your least precious blazers. You would not want to be creasing your best and most expensive blazers!
A blazer and heels can look really dressed up. If you are going for a more casual look, then stick to one or the other. When you want to wear your blazer in a dressed down way, slip on a pair of flat shoes. Ballet flats are still pretty smart and polished, so try a loafer or sandal instead.
Accessories can completely change your look. To work a dressed down look, stick to casual looking accessories. Keep things fairly minimal too – even fun and playful looking accessories can look over the top and dressed up if you have too many of them.

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