Update Your Fall Wardrobe ~ FOR FREE

Transitioning from one season to another can be overwhelming and expensive if you are not prepared. However, you do not have buy a whole new wardrobe just because the weather has cooled down. Check out my three top tips for using your current summer clothes to your advantage. By adding the right accessories, which you probably already own, you can turn your summer clothes into all weather wear.

1. Reuse Your Sundresses. Just because a dress is lightweight or a bright color does not mean it has to be banished to the back of your closet from October to May. Layer a denim jacket or chunky sweater over it and / or pair it with knee high boots to counteract cold weather and create an entirely new look.
2. Layer, Layer, Layer. Tank tops and lightweight shirts do not need to be retired as soon as the air turns cool. The trick is pairing these summery items with your favorite corduroys, wool skirts, cardigans and other fall staples.
3. Choose Accessories Wisely. You can make anything summer feel like fall with the careful addition of tights, jewel toned scarves, suede boots and booties, and large leather handbags.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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