How to Style Ankle Length Pants

Ankle length pants…..well fitting pair with a touch of Lycra in a basic color and cropped just above the ankle are currently the trending look. But the million dollar question is HOW to wear ankle length pants and do they good look on me?!? Even though ankle length pants look trendy, it is not actually that easy to pull it off. You can make your cropped pants work provided you know how to style them appropriately. Ankle length pants can be figure flattering, and they can be worn by both tall and petite women. The good news is these pants are extremely versatile effortlessly blending with almost any body type. While petite women can look taller, the taller one will look balanced. Even these pants can make you look graceful when styled casually. Here are my tips on wearing ankle pants:

1. Make sure they are tapered, tailored and run along your leg line.
2. If you you have really short legs, always add a wedge heel. That will help to elongate your body.
3. Think about proportions. They cut off at your ankle, which will give the appearance of shortening your leg and they look unflattering on those that already have a shorter leg. AVOID your pant hitting you at the widest part of your calf.
4. Consider your shape. If you are curvy or pear shaped, it is best to wear a pant that falls straight from the thigh. If you have a slim or athletic build, get a pant that hugs and tapers all the way down. This will give you more curves! When in doubt, the best shape for all body types is a straight leg.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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