The Power of Purple

It is rich, it is regal, and with so many shades to choose from, here is why purple is this season’s hue for you! Confused about how to wear a strong color like purple? This rich hue looks great on everyone, mixing the best qualities of red and blue to flatter most skin tones. Here is how to wear it right:

1. Pair with black or other dark neutral like charcoal. A purple blouse under a dark suit looks great for work.
2. Punch up purple by wearing with eye popping brights like grass green or lime. A purple sweater with a bright green scarf radiates personality.
3. Compliment purple tones with purple eye shadow, just keep the shadow very sheer and light (too dark purple eye shadow sometimes gives you a black eye look).
4. Play purple off of equally strong prints. A bright purple dress with zebra (black and white) print shoes is fun and funky.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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