Game Day Fashion

Ok let’s face it, Game Day fashion can be a challenge! Chances are, you have been or will be in a position where you going to be watching the big game and you do not know what to wear. Maybe you are going to be tailgating all day at a college game, or heading to Buffalo Wild Wings for the NFL Games (Go Cowboys). Or maybe you are going to be the person hosting the Super Bowl Party this year. Even if you are just going out for drinks at the local sports bar to watch the game, picking the right outfit for a sporting event can be intimidating. Games, sports bars and tailgating parties are not exactly known as high fashion outings. But that does not mean you cannot still be fabulous. It is all about finding the right balance of being stylish without looking like you are trying to hard.

First of all, it is better to be underdressed than overdressed. This is the ONLY time you will ever hear that from me. If you are going to wear a dress in your teams colors, you do not need to also wear the matching heels. Tone it down. Secondly, you need to be aware of the opposing teams colors. Find out the colors of the teams that are playing and plan around that. Lastly, you need to plan to be in comfortable attire. If you are tailgating all afternoon, your five inch stilettos probably are not the best choice. Remember the average game can last around three hours.

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