Fashion Trends with Staying Power

Overalls, baby doll dresses and boyfriend jeans all lack what we call staying power. But some fashion trends just seem to show up again and again, season after season. From floral prints to primary colors, here some favorite designer fads that I pretty much consider classics by now.

Primary Colors
One old school fashion trend that never seems to die out? Primary colors. Think bold blues, fire engine reds and bright yellows. If wearing pops of primary colors is a stretch for you, then start with neutral prints or solids then add smaller pieces that can just accentuate your look. A red blouse with a suit for work or a royal blue dress, belted. You can also channel the trend with your accessories.
Floral Prints
What would spring be without flirty floral print shirts, tulip skirts and garden party dresses? This is one fashion trend that I can predict with absolute certainty will return year after year. Florals are so versatile, and they make us smile. There are so many different types of floral prints and patterns to choose from that everyone can truly find something they like.
Eyelet and Lace
Eyelets and lace are two timeless trends that continue to get reinterpreted on the runways each and every year. Romantic, ladylike, vintage and modern all at once, designers seriously cannot seem to stop dreaming up new ways to incorporate these fads into their collections. Personally, this is one of the easier trends to translate and it is extremely versatile.
Color Blocking
This trend has managed to stick around ever since Yves Saint Laurent made color blocking famous way back in 1965. Not feeling quite so bold? Try your luck with a muted color blocked top paired with dark wash jeans, or opt for a cool color block handbag.
A popular pick for parties and adventurous nights out, metallics have always been a go to trend for designers. Whether it is an eye catching head-to-toe look or a simple shiny accent to jazz up a neutral outfit, this trend is here to stay.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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