Wearable Trends for Fall 2014

It is that time again, time for a roundup of fall fashion trends to get you ready for fall. I know, it seems like summer just started. But fall is coming, time to start planning for your fall fashion wardrobe. And since I am secretly squealing with delight at the thought of buying new clothes, I can only guess you are too. As with all of my fashion posts, these are simply suggestions. Not all styles will work for every body type and personality, nor every location weather wise. Shorts in fall will work fine for someone in California, but probably not in Geneseo, IL or New York City. It is your job as a fashionista to take my style suggestions and make them work for you. Check out these fall 2014 trends.

Orange is the New Black
I know, you might be saying, “Oh no, orange is not for me.” Well do not worry, I said that for a long time too. But I have changed my tune. I am ready to give this look a try as I think it is fun and vibrant. Also, it comes in so many different shades, you are bound to find one you will absolutely love.
Swinging Sixties
The sixties came back a little while ago, and I am happy the style has been sticking around.
Wrap Coats
Ever since I can remember I have always gravitated towards coats. So this is another trend I am totally in to.
Pastels for all
Lucky for us, the pastels we loved for spring and summer are sticking around for fall as well.
Ladylike Leopard
What does ladylike Leopard mean? Well, just as it sounds. Anything ladylike, a demure dress, feminine touches, modest lines…all in a leopard print. Love it!
SONY DSC4abd6c5ec6ef9e40998f96712fb439d1
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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