Can You Wear Sparkle During the Day?

Yes, you can, if the sparkle is subtle and the items are dressed down appropriately. You will find subtle sparkle in knitwear, jackets, blouses, jeans, pants, skirts and scarves when they have a bit of lurex (gold or silver metallic thread) running through them. The overall shiny effect is delicate and restrained. Sequined, crystal beaded and lurex-rich items on the other hand, are obviously sparkly and should be kept for evening occasions. For day wear, I would draw the line at any items that combine black and sparkle. Subtle sparkle during the day is a fairly new fashion concept that is easy to put together if you follow a few guidelines.

1. Restrict your ensemble to one sparkly item at a time.
2. Tone down the shine with denim. Add a denim jacket to a sparkly skirt, or jeans to a shiny jacket.
3. Create a contrast. If your jeans are sparkly, combine the look with a chunky knit, converse sneakers and messenger bag. Do not pair sparkly jeans with a sparkly jacket or blouse unless you are going out at night.

Remember, a spot of sparkle goes a long way!!

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