10 Accessories You Must Have

There are many reasons why so many women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE accessories. I believe it is mostly because they have nothing to do with our figure. An amazing shoe, bag, or necklace looks amazing on everyone. But there is just something about the sheer joy, the bliss, that purchasing a new tote, pair of high heels, or statement earrings brings us. It is a euphoric feeling that starts at the moment of purchase and is re-experienced every time you grab that particular piece from the closet. And the object of our lust could be anything. Bags: big and small. Shoes: flat and tall. Diamonds, beads, bows. Every woman has her own passion when it comes to accents. And it is a passion worth indulging in. Accessories not only complete an outfit, they can set the tone for your entire look. The switch of a heel to a flat, chandelier earrings to studs, or a slouchy hobo bag to a classic, structured carryall can change the entire effect of the clothes you are wearing. The bottom line is, a girl cannot live on clothes alone. Extras are an easy way to add your personality to what you wear. Here are the 10 every woman should not live without.

1. Pumps. Whether they have pointy, round, or square toes, these classic heels look smart at work and sexy at night. Always have a black pair.
2. Flats. Simple ballet slippers or skimmers are a more comfortable answer to the all purpose pump. They are great for when you are on the go.
3. Diamonds. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets…No matter what form they come in, these sparkly stones will always shine, even if you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
4. Pearls. A classic, ladylike staple, these lustrous beads, as tidy little earrings or a single or multi-strand necklace, always add polish and elegance to your outfit.
5. A structured bag. In a medium size, a sturdy, top handle leather bag will serve you well every day.
6. A clutch. For evening, it is an essential. A slim, sleek little bag that fits just the necessities is the piece to carry at night.
7. A belt. This piece can turn an ensemble from sloppy to sleek in an instant. It is a good idea to have multiple waist cinchers — thin, medium, and wide — in your closet.
8. A cocktail ring. Give your evening style a glam punch with a big stoned bauble. Try bold, colorful stones for added effect.
9. A cuff. A thick bracelet in gold, silver, or enamel is a timeless accent and works day or night.
10. A metal watch. A high quality, classic timepiece like a tank or a bracelet style, whether gold or stainless steel. It will last you a lifetime.

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