Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

1. Keep your skirts shorter, to just on or above the knee. Once you cover your knee your legs look shorter.
2. Wear your trousers as long as possible without dragging on the ground.
3. Fake them out with heels.
4. Fake them out with wedges and flats, which will give you height.
5. Wear a column of color, which allows you to create a visual vertical from shoulder to foot without breaking up the body.
6. Wear a dress or skirt as this stops you from seeing where your legs start (unlike trousers which show exactly how long your legs are).
7. Wear vertical stripes on your lower half as verticals create the illusion of length and height.
8. Avoid cropped pants because they cut down the apparent length of your legs and make them look even shorter.
9. Avoid high vamp shoes with skirts and dresses as they will visually cut down the length of your legs.
10. Wear a nude shoe with skirts and dresses.

Repost from imogenl

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