Summer Looks That Taught us What NOT to Wear

With Labor Day upon us, summer is officially over. In my opinion, it did not last long enough, but it did last long enough to learn some important fashion lessons. First of all, make sure your accessories match your look. Check out these examples.
Secondly, and what I thought was obvious, do not wear velvet in the summer. The fabric is just way to heavy for summer.
Another fashion no no is wearing sweat suits or work out clothes out in public. These are still NOT back in style, even during the casual summer season.
Make sure your dress FITS. During the summer, I know you might be tempted to just throw on something light and easy. But make sure you still show your figure underneath that fabric.
Lastly, keep your underwear hidden. It is called UNDER wear for a reason. This was the summer of sheer, and I totally understand the trend….it is the easiest way to stay cool, after all. But there is sheer and then there is SHEER.

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