Eco – Friendly Fashion

Nowadays in fashion, the words “eco-friendly and “organic” are thrown around a lot. This is a good thing, except sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between a brand that is actually helping to make the planet a better place and one that is just riding the “eco” bandwagon. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that are cashing in on consumer’s environmental awareness by changing their labels to say “green” without changing their production process much. Part of the reason why it is so hard to put your finger on what a brand is actually doing to help the planet is because for many of the “eco” terms, there is no one definition. I have found three of the best environmentally friendly brands who are helping to save the world one sale at a time.

Study NY is a Brooklyn based designer who uses organic cotton, linen, hand dyed fabrics and recycled materials. Strives for no waste pattern making and production, and makes everything locally in New York. Price Point: $75-$398
Alabama Chanin are designed and produced in Florence, Alabama, Alabama Chanin produces an array of products, from wedding dresses to lifestyle items like quilts and placemats, with an earthy, homespun vibe. Each item is made by hand. They use a combination of new, organic and recycled materials. Price Point: $90-$4000
Titania Inglis is based in Brooklyn, and recently launched her eponymous solo line. Inglis was recognized for her minimalistic, inventive designs as well as her environmental efforts. Every garment is sewn in a small factory in New York from sustainably sourced fabrics including Japanese organic cotton, French vegetable tanned leather, and dead stock wool from New York’s garment industry. Price Point: $120-$525

NOT buying new clothes is best for the environment. Buying second hand clothing is second best. But buying sustainably designed clothes is certainly third best. We all know, the earth needs all the help it can get.

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