How to Dress After Losing Weight

Occasionally we do something right with our lifestyles and lose a few pounds, a couple of dress sizes and reshape our bodies. But now you have a new body to dress. How do you do that? I have seen many ladies take large size dressing down to their smaller size without success. You may see them out and about in their clothes that may still fit somewhat around one part of the body but do not fit well, hang baggily or are dated. Some ladies hang on to clothes like security blankets. You worked hard to get here, it is time to show off that weight loss. It is time to emphasize your gains as well as your losses. First of all, pick one body part you have worked hard to improve and emphasize it. Do you have great arms from lifting weights? A sleeveless blouse would be a great addition to your wardrobe.
Remember to keep a close eye on proportion. One thing I have discovered is that if you are petite, you can look even thinner if the proportion is right. Wide legged pants call for a sleeker top. Blousey top calls for a pencil like or straight skirt, or narrower pants.
Definitely shop for or tailor basics you need to replace first. One thing I see thinner people do a lot is to keep wearing their old jeans. That stiff fabric makes them look a lot heavier than they really are. Invest in either getting them tailored to fit you or buy a new pair. The same thing is true with suits. If you really love the one you have, and it is not dated, get it tailored.
Do not forget the foundation garments. When you lost weight, did “the girls” get smaller too? A new bra is a must. If “the girls” are up where they should be, then your waist will look more narrow.
Tailored items make everyone look thinner. When we are heavier we tend to wear a lot more stretch fabrics that will stretch and hang oddly as we lose weight. It is time to ditch them. Tailored clothes present a more professional image with the additional seaming and pressed creases. Tailored pieces allow straight lines where you want them to be, and you will look more polished overall. So congratulations on the weight loss – now dress with confidence!

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