Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

One of the biggest mistakes women make is wearing all black. The color black can do wonders for trimming your figure IF the fit is correct. However, as women get older, their skin tends to become paler, and wearing black can create a harsh contrast that emphasizes wrinkles and calls attention to dark shadows under the chin and around the eyes. So, my suggestion would be to add a bright accessory like a scarf or a statement necklace if you are wearing black to lessen the washed out effect. You can also shop for earthy neutrals like cocoa, olive, camel or gray instead of black. Another mistake women make is trying to cover their hips, arms or stomach underneath a shapeless blazer. Unfortunately, they are actually making themselves look heavier. A well cut jacket that nips in at the waist and is shorter in length showcases the most flattering parts of your figure and creates a smooth line down your torso.

In regards to skirts, just because your age is increasing does not mean your hemline has to as well. A skirt that grazes close to your ankles may hide slightly saggy knees, but it also tends to make women look wider and frumpier. My suggestion to finding the most flattering skirt length for your shape is to look in the mirror and note the slimmest part of the area around your knee right above, right below or in the middle…that is where your hemline should hit. If you want more coverage, try a form fitting midiskirt, which comes to the middle of your calf. Another huge mistake women make is wearing the wrong size bra, which can make them look shorter, older and heavier. The clasp should be on the loosest hook to begin with and made tighter as the bra stretches over time. I suggest going for a fitting once a year, and buying a new bra every six to eight months.

Jersey fabric does not create the best shape, in part because it is as clingy as it is comfortable. If you love-love-love jersey, go for a draped or ruched option that grazes your curves and strategically hides any bulges. Another option is double knitted jersey, which is a denser quality fabric that still has a bit of stretch for comfort. Or choose a slightly more tailored piece, like a sheath dress, which gives the illusion of structure but is a forgiving cut for most women. Slimming garments can cut years off your age by smoothing out lumps and bumps. While your shape wear should fit snugly, it is important that it is not too tight, to avoid certain health concerns. You know you have the right fit when you can breathe and you are not standing in the corner unable to move at a party.

Lastly, your daughter may look ridiculously cute in a patterned neon dress and there is nothing wrong with you wanting to keep up with current trends; however, when it comes to incorporating trendy pieces into your wardrobe, you should look for a classic style that includes some part of the trend. Try soft floral prints on a silk sleeveless blouse, save leather for a motorcycle jacket or embrace colored denim in dark shades such as hunter green and burgundy or muted pastels instead of loud hues.

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