Mixing Metals

This week’s question is one that I hear a lot from my friends. For some odd reason, it has been instilled in our heads that you can only wear one particular color of metal at any given time. It has always been that you had to make a choice to wear either wear all white metals like platinum, white gold and sterling silver, or you could wear yellow gold. It is time to break the rules, because times have changed. The clear cut boundaries of years gone by have blurred and vanished. In fact, wearing all the same metal color can sometimes look a bit too “matchy-matchy”.
Another tip to freshen the look is by stacking your bracelets, rings and necklaces. The “stacking trend” lends itself perfectly to the mixing of metals. Stack rings or bracelets in different shades of gold next to each other. You can even layer gold and platinum necklaces for a fashion forward look. Just be sure to keep the styles the same. For instance, a modern chunky gold bracelet will not look quite right paired with delicate, antique platinum earrings. Also remember when mixing and matching several pieces, I think it is important to keep in mind the ratio. I personally like the look of mixing a lot of one color with just a little of the other rather than going near 50/50. Think of it like mixing any other two bright but contrasting colors, like red and blue. It can be beautiful, or it can look overdone, all depending on the ratio. Most importantly, play around with it and have fun. As long as the jewelry is fabulous and, more importantly, makes you feel fabulous that is what really matters. Remember, sometimes rules were made to be broken!
mixed metals

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