Five Fashion Misconceptions

I have noticed there some misconceptions that people have about fashion and style. So I feel like I need to just come out and talk about them. Here are the top five misconceptions people have about fashion and style. The first misconception is that if it is designer then it looks good. This is so ridiculously wrong, yet so many people follow this idea religiously. The whole reason Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police even has a job is because this is not true. A price tag and brand name is not an indication of whether or not something actually looks good. If you know how to put together the right pieces and add some statement jewelry, the label on your clothes is irrelevant as to whether your outfit works or not! The second misconception is that if it is affordable, it cannot be fashionable. Absolutely not. You can just as easily find something trendy and fashionable at TJMaxx as you can at Oscar de la Renta. It is all about your eye for fashion and what you pick out of the mass of clothes, along with how you put it all together. The third misconception is if you are not rocking all the latest trends, then you are out of style. I personally believe that trends exist as a guideline for people who are not sure about which direction to take their style. They are also a good way to set a theme for every season. However, this does not mean that you have to be a part of every single one. The best way to take full advantage of trends is to take the ones that most suit you and tailor them to fit your personal style. It is alright to change trends up a bit to make them your own. Nothing is worse than being part of the copy and paste culture. The fourth misconception is the more choices the better. Buying everything you see is not going to instantly make you more fashionable. It is just going to cause a huge mess in your closet. You do not need to have 500 different tops to avoid wearing the same thing over and over again. It is all about the way you put an outfit together. I guarantee, if you pick the right things to buy, you can wear the same thing in many different ways. The fifth and final misconception is someone saying “your style is wrong”. This one is the absolute worst misconception out there. Do not let anyone ever let you think that your style is wrong….unless it is wearing PJ pants in public of course. There is no such thing. Your style is your own style. It is all about you, how you feel, and how you choose to express yourself. Trust me, fashion and personal style is not as snobby as people may think, there is a lot of lightheartedness in it if you just let loose and do it your way.

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