Just Say NO to the Mom Jeans

It makes me very sad when I see a woman wearing “mom jeans” at the grocery store or running errands. You may look at these jeans and think there is nothing wrong with them, but let me begin at the top and work my way down this pant choice. The very high waist is making your hips look larger, and then the tapered leg is also adding volume to the hips. I also have issue with the length. They are just too short, so we see the foot or sock extending from the shoe, which further visually shortens the legs. In comparison, if you look at regular jeans these days, the waist is lower, and has a straight longer leg. You can see how much more flattering they are and how the legs look longer and the hips slimmer. So if you still have your “mom jeans” – please throw them out now, and cease and desist from buying more! They are frumpy and unflattering!

Inspiration from Pinterest.

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