Sleeve Shape Does Matter

The shape of the sleeve you wear can make you look larger or smaller, depending on where it ends. The width of the sleeve is just as important. Wider sleeves add width to the part of the body they end on. A slim sleeve will not add bulk to your frame in the way a voluminous sleeve will. When considering your sleeve, you want to consider how broad your shoulders are. You also want to consider whether you have a fuller upper arm and the size of your bust. Once you know the answers to those questions, you can start to narrow down the sleeve that best works for you. Puffed sleeves and gathered shoulders are great to make your shoulders look broader. If you want to make them look narrower, then try raglan or dropped sleeves. End your sleeves on your narrowest point to draw attention to it. The eye fills in the horizontal line between the hems of the sleeves. If you have a defined waist, end sleeves around your waist height. If you have large hips, avoid ending sleeves at the wrists. If you do not have a defined waist end your sleeves above or below your waist. Remember too, that a higher armhole and slimmer sleeve will make your body look longer and slimmer too. Because the eye draws a horizontal line across your body where sleeves end, then if you large busted, avoid a sleeve that ends near your bust peak, instead go for a shorter or longer sleeve. If you have a small bust and want it to look larger then and sleeves at the bust peak. Full upper arms need a sleeve that either covers, or does not have a horizontal hem. Diagonal hems work well as they move the eye away from the arm and don’t create a broadening effect.
Shapes of sleeves by imogenl.

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