Second Hand Chic

Have you ever been shopping and seen a dress that looks less than appealing on the hanger, but then you try it on and it works? You can envision the great statement necklace or belt you already have at home completing this look perfectly. Or you try on a gorgeous blouse and the sleeves are too longer, but you love everything else about it. My point is, we have to have some vision. We need to think outside the box. We need to see with a few tweaks or alterations, we can make an article of clothing works for us. I am not someone who can sew, but I have a good tailor. I ran across an article on Jillian Owens from Columbia, South Carolina. She was having some financial difficulties and started to venture into second hand stores looking to save some money, but still update her wardrobe. What she did is awesome. Check out these pictures of her below.

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