Summer Style ~ Know Your Body Type

There are so many great summer styles available that it can be hard to know which ones to invest in. The fact is that not all of them are going to look great on every body type. Dressing for your body type can completely change your appearance in an instant. It is always better to choose the styles that flatter your figure over the styles that may be the hottest trend. There are fabulous summer styles to suit all body frames.

Curvy Frames. Color blocking is making waves this summer, and that is perfect for the woman with curves. Choose a dress with a vertical color block that runs through its center. This style will not hide your curves, but it will trick the eye into focusing on the mid section of the dress and away from its sides creating the appearance of a much slimmer figure. While darker colors such as black and navy are the most slimming, do not be afraid to strut your stuff in bright summer colors such as orange and fuchsia.
Straight Frames. When you do not have any curves to show off, sometimes you have to either distract the eye or create some curves. A body skimming sheath dress that hits just above the knee will draw the attention away from your upper body. You could also cinch the dress with a belt at the waist to create the allusion of waistline.
Tall Frames. The maxi dress has been the ultimate in summer style for the past couple of years. With their extra long length they are best suited to those who are taller. Those of shorter stature can get lost in all the fabric they involve. A dress or skirt that just grazes the floor makes those who are tall look elegant and graceful.
Petite Frames. The key to elongating a petite frame in the summer is to show a bit more leg in a seamless way. Choose shorts, skirts, and dresses with a hem that hits at least two inches above the knee and stay away from anything like ankle strap shoes that stop the eye from flowing straight down to the tips of the toes to create the most elongated look possible.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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