What to Wear on a Summer Date

For many women, summer means relaxing and letting it all hang out with skimpy shorts, halters, minis and cropped tops. Although all of these style choices point to fun in the sun and cool relief during rising temperatures, what kind of impression do these clothes leave on a date? Showing off pretty shoulders in a halter top or letting a glimpse of cleavage show with a camisole can be very alluring. However, I would not suggest pairing the halter top with a mini skirt. If one part of your body is showing, make sure you balance the look by covering the other part. Remember to not bare too much. You might have a fabulous pair of legs, but a micro mini that hovers just below your rear is showing way too much. Consider what you will be doing on the date — sitting, walking, bending over? Clothes that ride up, such as tube tops and minis, or down, such as low rise jeans, spandex shorts or strapless tops, might just show more than you want to reveal. Do not wear clothes that look too much like lingerie either. Sheer crop tops might be the rage, but that does not mean you need to wear them on a date. My suggestion is to wear a summer dress! When it comes to comfort, style and sex appeal, nothing beats a sassy summer dress. As long as it is not too low cut, short or clingy, it is hard to go wrong with a flirty, warm weather frock. A quality summer dress is the answer to all of your summer style dilemmas. It is ideal. You just pull it on, add accessories, and you are ready. For a first date, a dress is perfect.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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