Beach ~ Pool Cover Ups

Almost as important as the swimsuit is the cover up. We love them because they make the long walk from the beach chair to the bathhouse so much less cringe inducing. When you are shopping for your cover up, make sure it is long enough, roomy enough, and cut right so that you are comfortable in it. Cool colors and fluid shapes make for the most chic beach / pool cover ups this season. Check out my three picks for great beach / pool cover ups.

The tunic cover up is the most versatile and budget friendly, because you can pair it with a pair of shorts, a skirt, or even a dress. Check out this one below from The Loft $69.50.

The Caftan cover up is the easiest cover up to wear because it can double as a regular dress. Just make sure you keep it classy, and avoid cover ups that look like nightgowns. Check out this one in an animal Print for $47.64 at ASOS.
The Pareo is the type of wrap that halters around the neck to provide a fun ’70s flashback. They can also double duty as a normal wrap. I found this one at Bloomingdale’s for $68.00.

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