Get Inspired ~ Create New Outfits

Do you ever feel like coming up with a new outfit is nearly impossible? Even I experience ruts when it comes to getting dressed some days. I wonder if I have come to the end and cannot possibly think of a new combination. I am guessing from time to time, everyone feels the same way too. So here are a few tips for getting inspired and creating new outfits!

1. Clean Your Closet. Kicking it off with cleaning is not very fun, but having a Feng Shui closet is completely necessary for creativity. When things are cluttered, dirty, or bursting at the seams, it is not a good environment for brainstorming. Your closet should be a happy place.
2. Take Inventory of What you Already Own. While you are cleaning your closet, I recommend taking inventory of what you already own as a way to get inspired. It is time to raid the dark corners of your closet and the spare clothes under the bed. Even if items are out of season, it can help to pull them out and browse.
3. Regularly Read Inspirational Publications. Check out this blog and others along with magazines like InStyle or Harper’s Bazaar. You might see an outfit, and then suddenly your creative juices get flowing. You can also keep creativity going by attending art events, watching musicals or even TV.
4. Organize and Review Inspiration Photos. Besides finding new images that inspire you, re-visiting images that you loved in the past can also help jump start creativity. Pinterest is one popular way to organize what gets your creative motors running. I save images in a folder on my computer and tear pages out of magazines. If you are feeling stuck, pull these images out as general inspiration, or use them to recreate outfits in a more literal way.
5. Go Shopping. The good news is that shopping does not have to cost you any money at all. Browsing retail websites and window shopping at the mall can inspire new ways for wearing what you already own. You can also opt to shop a friend’s closet for something to borrow, head to the thrift store for a bargain, or allot a small budget at the mall. Even just one new piece – like an inexpensive statement necklace – can jolt your closet back to life and inspire a week’s worth of new outfits.
6. Repeat an Favorite Uniform. Throughout different seasons in my life I have heavily favored different uniforms. For the office it was a pencil skirt and cardigan. For casual occasions, it is a summery dress with a statement necklace. When I am in a rut it can be helpful to revisit these uniforms and use that blueprint to come up with a familiar outfit using a new combination of colors and patterns.
7. Choose one Practical or Inspirational Item. When I am standing in my closet scratching my head about what to wear, I will often pick one piece to concentrate on. If my day requires a lot of walking, then I will narrow it down to two pairs of shoes that are most practical, and create an outfit from there. If practicality is less important, then I will pick an inspirational item. Choose one or two things you love and feel really excited to wear that day, and build your outfit from there.
8. Plan Ahead. Plan your outfits ahead of time! Spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon brainstorming for your upcoming week at work, or consider big events or important meetings in the weeks leading up to it. Being fashionable does not have to be your top priority in life. In fact, spending a little more time up front can save you a lot of time in the long run. It will eliminate those twenty wasted minutes in the morning when you are not feeling all that creative. If a little planning keeps you from feeling miserable later, that is time well spent in my opinion!

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