How to Dress in Super Hot Weather

Dressing in super hot weather can be very hard, particularly if you do not like to show too much skin. The fabric you choose is the most important. Something lightweight from a natural fiber will be way more comfortable than something polyester, which traps the heat in and makes you sweat. When you are in a hot climate you have two issues. The first is outside where it is hot and do not want to be weighed down with heavy fabrics, accessories or layers. The second is being inside where it is air conditioned. So you have dressed to go outside, but then you walk inside the mall or to the movies, and the air conditioning is up so high you start to freeze. So what do you do? Ideally you should have a range of tops that are loose and let air circulate. Look for tops with pattern or detail around the neckline, so that you have an automatic focal point around your portrait so you do not need to add more. Look for styles that do not cling at your waist, which can make you feel even hotter. If you go for sleeveless dresses or tops, find some lightweight shrugs that you can throw over the top should you go into air conditioning, or just want to cover your upper arms. Slim fitting long shorts are great for really hot weather, particularly if your thighs rub together. Remember, you want the colors of your bottoms and tops to mix and match for the maximum number of possible outfit options!

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