Age Appropriate Evening Wear

Sometimes evening wear can be a little tricky to choose. Will I be under dressed? Over dressed? Too formal? Too casual? Look too young or too old? Of course it depends on the dress code and occasion. It also depends on your unique body and what flatters it. There are not really hard and fast rules about necklines and hemlines, but typically hemlines should go down with age. Here are some other tips on choosing evening wear, depending on your age.

You are young, your skin is the tautest it will be now for the rest of your life, so this is the time of your life, that if you are going to show a little skin if you want to. However, do not show all of it all at the same time. Keep it to two out of five areas (arms, legs, decolletage, back, stomach). Basically, if you are showing cleavage, and legs, then do not show off your stomach and back and arms at the same time. Cover something up! Enjoy fabrics with sheen and shine. Your skin is smooth, so smooth fabrics work best with smooth skin. Have fun and remain youthful, avoid anything frumpy which will age you.
You have a much better idea by now of what suits your body and what you love. You are still youthful and your skin is good, but it is time to be more polished. Think about letting go of the frills and flounces for a more adult outfit. Keep wearing clothes that shine and sparkle if that is what you enjoy.
Sophistication is your key word. You do not want to be wearing garments that remind people of your twelve year old daughter’s wardrobe. Simplify the lines, lower the hem to the knee, but do not go fussy or frumpy in your look. Accentuate one part of your body at a time, rather than two or three parts.
Elegance is your aspiration. You have years on your side, and understand that the best things come wrapped. Add some more drama into your outfit, you have the stature to do so. Avoid florals, unless they are dramatic, they will otherwise look old fashioned and frumpy, or too young and cutesy. Look for beautiful fabrics that have enough structure to hide the parts of your body that are not as firm as they once were.

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