They are Back – Culottes!!

Culottes is back and better than ever according to the fashion world. The wide legged ankle pant has a reputation for being hard to wear, which helps explain its lengthy stay in fashion faux pas category. However, the latest version of the culotte is far more flattering and sophisticated than the styles you may remember growing up. To pull off this spring perfect trend, just follow these tips. For the office, there are pleated and even cuffed versions in neutral hues done in work appropriate materials that can easily replace your typical pant. The look is longer and more akin to a cropped pair of wide legged pants.
For a versatile investment, try a pair in a fancier fabric with a bit of sheen. Pair with a silky or sheer blouse for evening, add a jacket for the office, and take it into the weekend with a slouchy sweater or tee.
I love the idea of pairing a pair of cream or black culottes with a silk tank for an unexpected after five look that is sophisticated yet fashion forward.
Silk and linen variations will take the look down a notch for summer cocktails or a spring rooftop soiree.
I am glad that the new culotte styles are varied, because there is something for everyone. They are more practical than flouncy full skirts when the wind blows, and make a nice change to trousers and pencil skirts. The wider styles swoosh as you stride, which is an added bonus if you like clothing with movement. And furthermore, some styles require a double take. Is it a skirt or a pair of pants? That makes it a pretty fun piece.

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