The Bra

The bra is one of the most important foundation garments you should own, and it is such an important part of looking great. If your bra fits correctly then your waist will look smaller and longer. The bra supports your breasts and gives them a better shape. Wearing a bra definitely makes your clothes look better. If your bra fits correct, it should not be painful. The underwire should not dig in, and your straps should not fall off your shoulders.
So what are you waiting for? It is time you got correctly fitted!! Now, not only can you be fitted for a bra, but you can also get a bra altered if there are just a couple of issues. Underwires can be shortened if they go up too high under your arm, and sides can be cut down so they do not cut in to your armpit or shoulder. Keep the girls locked and loaded…..and NEVER leave the house without a bra!!

Neon Colors are BACK

Neon is a perpetual fashion favorite for summer. This year, fluorescent hued clothes and accessories are bigger and brighter than ever. Hot pink, citron yellow and lime green shades seem to be everywhere this season. If you are a little color shy, this trend could be an intimidating one to take on full force. I am here to help you tackle this trend whether you want to start small or are ready to rock a full on neon ensemble. As with most other trends, the easiest way to incorporate neon into your wardrobe is through accessories. Neon scarves, belts, shoes, handbags and jewelry are all simple and inexpensive ways to add a punch of color to any outfit.
Pairing neon with neutrals is not only a match made in fashion heaven, but also the perfect stepping stone if you are not ready to move beyond neon accessories. Choosing to wear just one piece of neon clothing with a neutral color palette allows the bright color to be the true focus of the outfit, creating a bold, yet still relatively tame look.
Another idea is pairing black and neon, since they are total opposites in the color world, but they work so well when paired together. Wearing bright neon with sleek black clothing and accessories not only creates fantastic contrast, but also makes for a daring look that is sure to get you noticed. The halter dress below already has a bold black stripe down the back, which creates a great contrast against the highlighter yellow fabric. A pair of black ankle cuff pumps and a matching chain strap bag give this look a polished vibe, while several black and silver bracelets add some edge.
Lastly, do not forget about color blocking. It has been a big trend for a few seasons now, so naturally pairing one neon piece with another is a great way to wear this trend. Just keep the neon pieces solid colored and brightly hued for a bold, yet chic look.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

Get Inspired ~ Create New Outfits

Do you ever feel like coming up with a new outfit is nearly impossible? Even I experience ruts when it comes to getting dressed some days. I wonder if I have come to the end and cannot possibly think of a new combination. I am guessing from time to time, everyone feels the same way too. So here are a few tips for getting inspired and creating new outfits!

1. Clean Your Closet. Kicking it off with cleaning is not very fun, but having a Feng Shui closet is completely necessary for creativity. When things are cluttered, dirty, or bursting at the seams, it is not a good environment for brainstorming. Your closet should be a happy place.
2. Take Inventory of What you Already Own. While you are cleaning your closet, I recommend taking inventory of what you already own as a way to get inspired. It is time to raid the dark corners of your closet and the spare clothes under the bed. Even if items are out of season, it can help to pull them out and browse.
3. Regularly Read Inspirational Publications. Check out this blog and others along with magazines like InStyle or Harper’s Bazaar. You might see an outfit, and then suddenly your creative juices get flowing. You can also keep creativity going by attending art events, watching musicals or even TV.
4. Organize and Review Inspiration Photos. Besides finding new images that inspire you, re-visiting images that you loved in the past can also help jump start creativity. Pinterest is one popular way to organize what gets your creative motors running. I save images in a folder on my computer and tear pages out of magazines. If you are feeling stuck, pull these images out as general inspiration, or use them to recreate outfits in a more literal way.
5. Go Shopping. The good news is that shopping does not have to cost you any money at all. Browsing retail websites and window shopping at the mall can inspire new ways for wearing what you already own. You can also opt to shop a friend’s closet for something to borrow, head to the thrift store for a bargain, or allot a small budget at the mall. Even just one new piece – like an inexpensive statement necklace – can jolt your closet back to life and inspire a week’s worth of new outfits.
6. Repeat an Favorite Uniform. Throughout different seasons in my life I have heavily favored different uniforms. For the office it was a pencil skirt and cardigan. For casual occasions, it is a summery dress with a statement necklace. When I am in a rut it can be helpful to revisit these uniforms and use that blueprint to come up with a familiar outfit using a new combination of colors and patterns.
7. Choose one Practical or Inspirational Item. When I am standing in my closet scratching my head about what to wear, I will often pick one piece to concentrate on. If my day requires a lot of walking, then I will narrow it down to two pairs of shoes that are most practical, and create an outfit from there. If practicality is less important, then I will pick an inspirational item. Choose one or two things you love and feel really excited to wear that day, and build your outfit from there.
8. Plan Ahead. Plan your outfits ahead of time! Spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon brainstorming for your upcoming week at work, or consider big events or important meetings in the weeks leading up to it. Being fashionable does not have to be your top priority in life. In fact, spending a little more time up front can save you a lot of time in the long run. It will eliminate those twenty wasted minutes in the morning when you are not feeling all that creative. If a little planning keeps you from feeling miserable later, that is time well spent in my opinion!

How to Dress in Super Hot Weather

Dressing in super hot weather can be very hard, particularly if you do not like to show too much skin. The fabric you choose is the most important. Something lightweight from a natural fiber will be way more comfortable than something polyester, which traps the heat in and makes you sweat. When you are in a hot climate you have two issues. The first is outside where it is hot and do not want to be weighed down with heavy fabrics, accessories or layers. The second is being inside where it is air conditioned. So you have dressed to go outside, but then you walk inside the mall or to the movies, and the air conditioning is up so high you start to freeze. So what do you do? Ideally you should have a range of tops that are loose and let air circulate. Look for tops with pattern or detail around the neckline, so that you have an automatic focal point around your portrait so you do not need to add more. Look for styles that do not cling at your waist, which can make you feel even hotter. If you go for sleeveless dresses or tops, find some lightweight shrugs that you can throw over the top should you go into air conditioning, or just want to cover your upper arms. Slim fitting long shorts are great for really hot weather, particularly if your thighs rub together. Remember, you want the colors of your bottoms and tops to mix and match for the maximum number of possible outfit options!

Buying Multiples

I would like to share one of my favorite tricks for making getting dressed easier and getting more out of my wardrobe. It is buying multiples!! However it is not the same item in a different color, it is a different item, same color. For example, if you found a aqua pencil skirt for work you love, why not also add an aqua pair of jeans to your wardrobe? This way any outfit you create with the skirt, will also work with the jeans. Consider doing this with shoes as well. I have five versions of black shoes – the boot, the pump, the wedge, the flat and the sandal. Sound excessive? Well, it actually makes things really easy. I always have a matching shoe, because most outfits match all five pairs of shoes. You only have to determine which heel height you want to go with, based on the practicality of your day.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

Want Longer Legs – Choose the Right Shoes

Do you want your legs to appear longer? Of course you do, so here are some tips on choosing the right shoes. If you are wearing a skirt, then choose a shoe in a color that relates to your skin tone – the nude shoe, as it makes the legs appear to start from the toe, rather than the ankle. Check out these Jessica Simpson shoes below. Look for a shoe with a low vamp (that is the front of the shoe being cut low to the toes, rather than higher up on the top of the foot).
However if you are wearing black slacks, choose a shoe that blends with the slacks, so a black shoe will work for you. With slacks, the vamp is not important, so you can wear a high vamp shoe like these below from Nine West.
If you are wearing jeans, consider either a dark brown, black or navy shoe to blend with the jean. You could choose a more casual material such as suede to match the jean. These BCBG Maxazaria shoes below in navy would look fantastic with a pair of indigo denim jean.
Heels will always make your legs look longer, but if you want to be more practical, a wedge will give you more stability. Of course some of us love a flat shoe for it’s practicality and comfort. If this is the case, choose a low vamp shoe like a ballet flat like these Bandolino shoes, which will work equally well with a skirt as trousers.

How to Layer Multiple Necklaces

I do not consider myself a necklace layering professional by any stretch of the imagination. I know trying to figure out how to wear three or more necklaces together can be challenging. So, here are a couple of tips to help you learn how to experiment with multiple necklaces. First of all, hang them up. (See my blog post from June 9th for unique ideas on necklace storage) When I started hanging my necklaces on the inside wall of my closet, I had a light bulb moment. Instead of trying a bunch around my neck, I was able to see on the wall which ones would be the right length to layer together. You can easily do this with any nail or hook, and then pick lengths from there. You can also get inspired by checking out Pinterest. There are so many amazing necklace layering ideas on there that challenge even me to think outside the box. Layering necklaces with different textures and details is just another great way to add sparkle and drama to any outfit.
Inspiration from Pinterest.