The Little White Dress

Of course we have all heard of the Little Black Dress (LBD), but the Little White Dress (LWD) can be a fresh and summery alternative that is equally versatile. You can dress it down, or make it glam with just a few key accessories. It is just the perfect, easy piece to throw on during the summer. Like most wardrobe staples, this item has infinite possibilities and can work in so many ways depending on how you style it. You can go dressy, casual or something in between depending on the other items you add. Why not try one of these styling suggestions below?

Casual: Wear your dress in the most casual way possible by adding a denim jacket and some cute ballet flats. This will ensure you will not look like that prissy girl who is completely overdressed.
Office: Make your dress job interview appropriate by topping it off with a boyfriend blazer. Add some flat metallic flats, and you are equal parts stylish and professional. This would be a great outfit to wear during your summer internship because even if its hot outside, it is likely going to be pretty cold in the office.
Simple: Add some nude wedges to make your legs look like they go on forever . This is the most versatile, simple and flattering way to style the LWD. No jacket or crazy accessories needed for this classic look. You could add fun clutch for that pop of color. This look would be ideal for a BBQ or any other slightly fancy outdoor event.
Glam: The white dress is sort of more of a daytime look, but you can totally style it for a night out. Try adding a leather jacket, a piece of statement jewelry and some high heel strappy sandals. The edginess of the leather and metallic will help neutralize the innocent little girl vibe of a white dress.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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