Memorial Day Attire

Whether you are a beach bum like me or a country girl, headed to our nation’s capital or just out with friends, I have some fashion tips you need for a very stylish Memorial Day weekend. This is a definitely a shorts and sundresses sort of occasion!! Remember the three important S-pieces: swimsuits, sandals, and sneakers for fun in the sun! I suggest going light on the jewelry, since you could be in for a hot and active weekend. If your holiday weekend is centered around a casual party, where the invitation is just ambiguous enough to give you pause then go with a sundress, maxi dress or pretty skirt.
Are you heading somewhere more upscale, like a resort? Then, I would go with this white crochet dress. It is figure flattering and comfortable.
Your key pieces for any holiday weekend should be the things that make you smile and you feel great wearing. Your favorite jeans or shorts, a well fitted t shirt or blouse that dresses up and down, a flattering summer dress that needs only a necklace to take you from tea at the Ritz to beers by the pool, comfortable shoes and of course a jacket or cardigan, so if the night turns chilly you are prepared.

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