How to Wear Crochet

All the Coachella craziness is over, but it got me to thinking about how boho chic crochet can be. With winter officially behind us, we are all starting to dream about a summer vacations. Why not plan some fab crochet outfits this season. Unlike past seasons, this year’s crochet pieces are meant to look more refined than hippie chic. For the girl who is not a fan of prints, this of the moment knit is a great way to create that unique aspect your ensemble may be missing. One of my favorite things about crochet is that the artistic detailing has the power to be as classic or edgy as its stylist sees fit. The best way to pair crochet items is with solid lights fabrics, such as cotton. And when in doubt wear pastels, they are always a good soft paring. Crochet can be boho, beachy or even dressy, depending on the style and more importantly the accessories. On the beach, a chic cover up can be a crochet dress or tunic. But in town, make sure you have an opaque slip. Opt for a blouse or dress with ladylike crochet trim for a conservative way to rock this craft fair fabric. Or, elevate your spring wardrobe with a pair of tiered crochet shorts or a jumpsuit for the ultimate crochet fix. If you love the look, and want some ideas on how to add it to your wardrobe, check out the pictures below.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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