Selecting the Right Handbag

I was at the grocery store the other day and noticed that many women carry the same handbag everywhere, to work, to the gym, out for an evening, never stopping to consider that this one size fits all solution may be doing then an injustice. So is it time you thought about your handbag, and whether or not you may need more than one to create that overall stylish look you are trying to create?
Relate the color to your outfit. It does have to match, it just needs to go. A floral sundress does not suit a large black bag. A pair of jeans does not work with a briefcase style bag. A suit does not meld with a sparkly clutch. An evening dress needs a smaller, more refined bag than you everyday variety. So in brief you need to match the formality, satin works for formal, but not casual. Relate the colors, or choose colors that do not clash to provide an accent color. Relate the size for the purpose, day bags are larger and more roomy than evening bags. Unless your personality is very conservative, do not match your bag to your shoes, unless they are both black or brown.

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