On Trend: High – Low Dresses

There are certain fashion staples that will always be in style, like classic red lips, a structured jacket or the LBD. But a mullet dress? That one may be up for debate. This high-low dress hem runs long in the back and shorter in the front. And whether you like a high-low dress or not, one thing is for sure, it is a great way to make a bold statement. When there is a sudden heat wave, the last thing you want to do is add layers, but not everyone feels comfortable wearing a mini skirt. A high-low dress is an ideal option when you can not decide what to wear. It is a great way to show off your legs without feeling as revealing as you would be in a mini skirt. Petite ladies can have a hard time finding a maxi dress that does not require a trip to the tailor. This hemline is the perfect solution for women who are on the shorter side. The focus is going to be on your legs and feet, so wearing a cute strappy sandal will look terrific. Skip a chunky platform or wedge, as that will compete with the delicate feeling of this flowy skirt. Also, do not over accessorize. Too much on your body can draw attention away from the beautiful cut of the dress. If you are on the curvier side, like myself, add a skinny belt to this dress to enhance your shape and cinch your midsection.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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